Lottie’s Mummy/Daughter Bridal Shoot – 14 May 2017

July 18, 2017

written by:

NDavies Photography

Natalie and Ben got married at Hellingly Church on 4 September 2009 and daughter Lottie came along the following year. On 14 May 2017 my wife and I met with Lottie, now 6 years old, and her mum and dad for a special princess day at the same church and Lottie was so excited to be putting mummy’s wedding dress on! With a little bit of arrangement by my wife, and a lot of bull dog grips, Lottie was wearing this beautiful strapless layered gown and doing a tap dance to find her feet out of the bottom. Mum brought along her hair slide, veil and shoes to complete the recreation.  Lottie was a pro and the perfect model, relishing in every moment of this dress up experience.

The weather was kind to us, if just a little windy, with the veil trying to take off through the beautiful churchyard and Lottie was fantastic, running through the grounds for each pose I asked her to take, even when she so desperately needed a wild wee! Finally we took a look inside for the all important alter images, in the exact place her mum and dad exchanged their vows eight years ago.

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